What is Camp Idlewild of Florida?

Camp Idlewild provides a traditional summer camp experience for children with unique challenges. Our program focuses on personal development through positive and fun experiences in a natural environment.

What is the Age Range of Campers?

Our Residential Camp is open to campers 6-17 years old.

What is the Staff to Camper Ratio?

At Camp Idlewild we set our counselor to camper ratio specifically for campers with ASD to be successful. Our overall ratio is about 2:1 (camper to counselor).

Does Camp Idlewild serve the whole autism spectrum? We serve most children on the autism spectrum. Campers can be high functioning or have higher needs, campers can be verbal or non verbal and we have experience with augmented communication devices. We do ask that campers are potty trained. We can verbally prompt people through a bathroom routine, and we certainly remind folks to use the restroom, but we don't physically wipe.

  • Activities are all planned so that kids can access them on different levels. Campers who can access complex activities have a really exciting time participating in everything—and kids who have more sensory challenges or are less verbal may also be able to engage in most activities and hugely enjoy themselves.
  • Campers who need 1:1 assistance throughout the whole day (either because they are in danger of running away, need physical assistance for most activities, or who are routinely aggressive) might not be a good fit for our program. Please give us a call, and we can figure out if Camp Idlewild is a good option for your camper.

How much does Camp Idlewild cost?

Our Residential Camp programs are $1,000.

Our Day Camp program is $500.

Does Camp Idlewild provide Financial Assistance?

Yes. Applications for Financial Assistance can be found within our Camper Registration form. Financial Assistance will be provided on an as needed basis.

Click here to visit our Scholarships & Grant information page

What should campers leave at home?

The following items are NOT allowed at camp:

  • radios
  • CELL PHONES, SMART PHONES (Headsets for music - relaxation time?)
  • computers/tablets, handheld video games, iPods, MP3 Players, video cameras
  • weapons
  • alcohol or illicit drugs. If weapons, alcohol or illicit drugs are brought to camp, you nor your camper will be permitted to stay for the session. If Mobile Phones of any type are brought to camp they will be stored in the office and returned on the last day of camp. Camp Idlewild is not responsible for lost or stolen items.