Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) at Camp Idlewild is designed to pair neurotypical participants (peer mentors) with campers on the spectrum, so that both can learn from one another. They'll get the chance to build friendships with children from different walks of life with unique perspectives, all while enjoying all of the fun summer camp has to offer!

The goal of the PMP is to ehance camper experiences through:

  • empowerment and identifying camper strengths and special abilities
  • development of friendships with others
  • improved recreational skills and interests
  • and, leadership through self-advocacy

Our peers will enroll in Camp (as space is available) and have access to special activities as well as leadership opportunities. They will spend part of the day learning about campers with special needs and part of the day doing traditional camp activities in groups with other peers and campers on the spectrum. Our goals are to both build a bridge of understanding and to ensure camp activities are fun for our peer mentors and campers with autism. Peer Mentors whom have an interest in participating in this program will gain valuable leadership skills and experience.

The cost of this session is $250 for Camp (financial aid is available)

Schedule & Flow – Peer mentors

 8:45 – Drop-off

 9:00 – Assembly (songs, announcements, free choice sign-up, etc.)

 9:30 – Activity #1 (pre-scheduled w/ cabin group) w/ Peers

10:40 – Activity #2 (full week free choice) w/ Peers

11:45 – Gather for lunch

12:00 – Lunch

12:45 – Rest Time

 2:15 – Activity #3 (Peer mentor specific programming)

3:30 – Activity #4 (daily free choice)

4:45 – Closing circle & pick-up