Add-On Offsite Day Trips

Camp Idlewild is a brand new camp and has plans to incorporate many new activities in the future. At this time, we provide quality "off-site" activities to enhance our campers' experiences and fun! Below are a few of the activities we currently offer. As the season approaches you will see additional activities that your camper may enjoy. We suggest that each camper choose no more than 2 "off-site" activities during any one session.



Campers may participate in an off-site experience at the Bakas Equestrian Center on Thursday during their camp session. Campers will be transported to the equestrian center where they will take a ride on a horse, partiipate in horse grooming and other barn tasks, and go on a hayride before returning to Camp Idlewild.

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park   

Course Info - TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park

TreeHoppers is the largest zip line aerial adventure park in Central Florida, located just north of Tampa, Florida. The excitement of being in the trees, the thrill of the climb and the amazing experiences are all reasons we're confident that you have come to the right place for an adventure like no other! Campers will be transported to TreeHoppers (approximately a 20 minute drive) where they will have a blast! Please vist the TreeHoppers website for additional information.Check out their video!

3 Hour Climb Option:

  • FREE 30 minute orientation
  • Full equipment and gloves rental
  • 8 courses with over 100 elements (a few courses are age restricted for climbers under 12)
  • Private picnic table area - bag lunch or pizza