Our camp programs are open for campers 6-17 years old with Weekend Camps in the Fall and Spring for all campers including 18+ years old. Our low staff to camper ratio allows us to have flexible, choice-based programs. Campers may participate in all the classic camp activities, and they can access the program at a level where they feel comfortable. Our staff know how to adjust activities to be accessible for kids who are anxious about trying new things, have sensory sensitivities, different communication styles, short term memory issues, a difficult time with groups, or who need more support around transitions. We have health care professionals onsite, and we are less than 30 minutes from hospitals.

Weeklong Session Dates*

*(subject to change based on camper registration)

Week-Long Camp Sessions 2020


Session 1 - TBA 

Session 2 - TBA

Sessiom 3 -TBA

Session 4 - TBA

The cost of the Week-Long camp program is $700 for the week.

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