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Executive Board

Irene RoachIrene Roach

Founder and President of Camp Idlewild, Irene has lived in Land O' Lakes for nearly 50 years. As an experienced entrepeneur she has owned and operated businesses and worked closely with her late husband, William Roach, to support the local community through numerous charitable organizations.

Sherri Shuman

Camp Administrator, Sherri, a communications specialist provides the crucial link between our camp, community, and families.

Wendy NealWendy Neal

Camp Director, Wendy, a school psychologist and specialist in curriculum and instruction brings both professional and personnel experience to broaden our summer camp!

Mark Shelton

Director, Mark , will bring legal and executive board experience with him from other non-profit and charitable organizations in order to set Camp Idlewild on solid ground and to avoid the pitfalls that can too often thwart good intentions.

Richard Johnson

Director, Dick, a seasoned economic, business and management specialist provides invaluable support in planning and operations.

John Leslie

Director, John, Retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and financial specialist brings a wealth of experience to promote our camp structure and operations.

Kimberly Saavedra

Director, Kim, a Graphic Arts Insturctor with Pasco County Schools, brings creative and artistic gifts to share with campers, staff, and parents.

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*John Leslie

Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

•           John D. Leslie

•           Member, Board of Directors

•           In addition to duties on the Board of Directors, portfolio manager for Trust and Corporate assets.

•           Retired U.S. Coast Guard officer; former Chief, U.S. Coast Guard Retired Affairs Branch; N.A.S.D. (now FINRA) registered representative since 1983; Stock broker with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Charles Schwab; Vice-President and branch manager for several offices including Ft. Myers FL and St. Petersburg FL as well as Group Manager for Southern US; Registered Investment Advisor and portfolio manager for Alexander Read & Co. and partner - portfolio manager for Burke- Leslie, LLC, both Registered Investment Advisory Firms.

•           In addition to asset management and participation on the Board of Directors, will promote community awareness of Camp Idlewild through participation in fund raising activities, corporate/community/church sponsorships and government agencies.

•           Firm believer in the mission of Camp Idlewild, the learning experience and life-long benefits of youth camps, and the need to provide special opportunities for autistic children and their families.


*Richard Johnson

Eecutive Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.


  • Charles Schwab & Co. – VP Financial Consultant – Retired May 2009
  • Charles Schwab in December 1995
  • Account holder at Schwab since 1987
  • Series 7/63 licensed April 1996
  • Series 8 Licensed July 1996
  • Notary Public
  • Electronics Specialist for Tampa Branch
  • Advisor Source Specialist for Tampa Branch
  • Attorney Source Specialist
  • 30 Years of sales experience
  • 7 years of management experience
  • Past President of Hardware Association of Florida

1994-95  AJ'S POWER SOURCE    

I was responsible for setting up their business plan and the implementation of their sales and manufacturing strategies.


I started as a sales representative, and earned "Rookie of the Year" my first year. Iwas promoted to Regional Sales Manager in 1989 eventually being responsible for 35 sales people, covering the eastern United States and Puerto Rico. My region consistently placed first or second out of five regions every year.


Primary lines: Vermont American Tool Co.,Jordan David Safety Products, and Keeper Corp. During my tenure I increased overall sales by 120%.

1975-1986   LEVITON MFG. CO.

During my 11years as salesman with Leviton I sold every hardware distributor and Home Center in the state of Florida, an accomplishment not realized in any other territory.  When I took over the territory it was producing $250,000 in sales per year when I left it was at $2,500,000.


Graduated from the University of Tampa , on the honor roll, with a BS degree in Economics and a minor in business. While at the University I held offices in Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity.

*Sherri Shuman

Camp Administrator and Secretary, Executive Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

In addition to duties on the Board of Directors, Sherri is our Camp Administrator for Camp Idlewild and on the Board of Directors for Roach Family Foundation.

Qualitifications -- Experience

  • Master’s in Education, Adult Education and Training, e-Learning
  • Bachelor’s in Science, Communications, Public Relations and Marketing
  • American Grant Writing Association, Certified Grant Writer Course – Certificate of Completion
  • Educator for Pasco County Schools;
  • Previous owner of multiple businesses in North Carolina and Florida
  • 30 years of administrative/sales/marketing experience
  • 15 years management experience.

In addition to serving as Camp Administration and participation on the Board of Directors, Sherri will promote community awareness of Camp Idlewild as our Community Relations Specialist, through public relations, marketing, grant writing, planning and participation in fund raising activities, developing partnerships with corporate, community, and church organizations as well as government agencies.

Sherri supports Camp Idlewild’s mission and vision to create a special place for special kids, to provide autistic children and their families with special opportunities, learning experiences and the life-long benefits of participation in a specialized summer recreational program.

*Mark Shelton

Executive Board of Directors, Counsel and Vice President, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

As a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator, who has practiced and been a general partner in a south-central Pasco County professional center and has represented them in various legal matters during the last three decades, Mr. Shelton is embracing the honor, challenge and privilege of assisting the extended Roach family fulfill their charitable dream of providing special needs children with a well-planned, well-designed, stimulating and protective rural camp environment.

As a former scholar-athlete who has served as an executive board member and as President of Habitat for Humanity for Central Pasco County, the Black Watch Soccer Club and the Tampa Chapter of the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame, Mark has often devoted many of his hours to non-profit and charitable endeavors and has already received community recognition for those efforts.

*Irene Roach

President, Executive Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

*Kim Saavedra

Director, Executive Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

*Wendy Neal

Camp Director and Treasurer, Executive Board of Directors, Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.

As a Certified School Psychologist, Wendy served local school districts to provide psychological services for students, parents, and instructional staff. Her tenure at USF provided opportunities to collaborate with various professionals and graduate students to serve children with special needs in the surrounding community. Her entrepreneurial experiences provide a background in corporate finances and human resources. Wendy's doctoral work is in the area of Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum Instruction and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As a parent with first-hand experience with autism, Wendy brings both personal and professional knowledge, experiences, and successful strategies to Camp Idlewild.

Education - Eperience