Bill & Irene Roach

This is their story....

The location of Camp Idlewild is on the southwest corner of our homestead, originally purchased in1955. Bill and Irene, both Florida natives, were born and raised near by. Bill was born in 1921 in his parent's home on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. Irene was born in 1937 in Ft. Myers, Florida. Bill and Irene married in 1970 and blended a family of 6 children, dogs, cats, and several horses!

For nearly 60 years our family has enjoyed recreational activities outdoors at home, around the US and abroad. These experiences have allowed us to learn and explore the wonders of our homeland as well as unique individuals and creatures that inhabit our earth. Numerous friends and professionals we've come to know have inspired us to share the joy of these exciting adventures with others. Particularly, with those special individuals who may not have these kinds of experiences otherwise. We have the perfect place to provide the types of recreational activities that help us all become more in tune with ourselves and others, as well as the great outdoors!