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Our 2020 camp program is open for campers of "all abilities" 6-17 years old with four(4) Weekend Camps and two(2) Week-Long Camps. Additional Week-Long camps are TBA dependent on camper registration and space availability. WeekEnd Camps are planned in the Fall and Spring for all campers. Our low staff to camper ratio allows us to have flexible, choice-based programs. Campers may participate in all the classic camp activities, and they can access the program at a level where they feel comfortable. Our staff knows how to adjust activities to be accessible for kids who are anxious about trying new things, have sensory sensitivities, different communication styles, short term memory issues, a difficult time with groups, or who need more support around transitions. We have health care professionals onsite, and we are less than 30 minutes from hospitals.

At Camp Idlewild, we train our staff to be comfortable with a wide variety of communication strategies. Some of our campers may rarely or never verbalize, and we have visual supports to support those campers. Some campers struggle with friendship skills, and we help them develop more effective strategies for making and keeping friends. We work with many campers who have never been away from home before, and we work with campers who have unexpected behaviors.

We DO expect campers to be independent with toileting. We can offer verbal and visual prompts to use the bathroom, but we do not train our staff to help with wiping or to change diapers. Campers who are routinely aggressive toward themselves/others or engage in frequent, dangerous behavior (such as running away or eating non-food items) may not be a good fit for our program. Our lengthy application asks for tons of information about your camper, so that our counselors can help him or her to be successful at camp. If you have questions, we are happy to discuss your camper in more detail before you apply.

The cost of the WeekEnd overnight program is $250 (financial aid is not available)

The cost of the Week-Long overnight program is $700 for the week (financial aid is available)

What do you need to complete an application for your camper?

  • About 1 hour or more
  • General, behavioral, social/emotional and communication information regarding your camper
  • Specific information regarding your camper's likes, dislikes, challenges and preferences
  • Health insurance information & Immunization Records
  • Payment source: credit/debit card (other payment options are also available)


There is a $100 deposit for all applications to Camp Idlewild. If, after review, your camper or campers are accepted/enrolled this deposit will go towards your balance. If, after review, your camper or campers are not accepted/enrolled or put on the WAITING LIST your deposit will be refunded in full.

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Financial Aid At Camp Idlewild

We want all campers to be able to access our programs. We never want to turn anyone away for financial reasons, so we work all year to provide a number of scholarships for campers. If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship, we make that option available in the application process online. Choose the option, apply for financial aid at the top of the financial details section and answer the income verification questions. You will also be asked to submit a hard copy of the first page of last year’s tax return. We award scholarships on a rolling basis as funds are available. Please submit your tax form promptly to be considered for financial aid. All families will be notified of financial aid awards by April 15th. For additional information please click here: financial-assistance-scholarship-resources

Send a camper to camp! Please consider helping to fund our scholarship program. There are many kids in need of camp. If your family can afford a little extra there is a place on the financial section of the application for you to donate. This is how we can all help send a kid to camp!

Fees & Tuition & Refunds

All fees must be paid in full by the 1st of the month preceeding your camp session, unless special arrangements have been made with one of the Camp Directors.

If you wish to withdraw before May 1st, we will refund your money minus your deposit.

If you withdraw after May 1st, we will refund your money only if we can fill your camper’s spot.

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