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Financial Assistance

At Camp Idlewild of Florida, we believe in making our programs accessible for our families. One of the ways we do that is offering PAYMENT PLANS. For weekend sessions, secure your camper's spot with a $50 deposit, and for summer sessions, whether overnight or day camps, a $150 deposit reserves your camper's spot. The remaining balance can be easily chunked up to fit your budget. You may login to your account and submit payments in increments you choose at your convenience through the Camp Brain website. We aim to provide financial flexibility, ensuring that every child and young adult with special needs can enjoy the Camp Idlewild experience.

In addition to our flexible payment plans, we understand that individual circumstances vary. If our payment plans are not sufficient, we encourage you to explore our financial assistance options.

Financial Assistance Application Information



(Available for Summer Camp only)

Camp Idlewild provides a limited number of Camperships each year, based on the availability of funds. The Campership Application is part of our regular Summer Camp Application process.

When completing your online registration, the financial assistance portion will be towards the end of the Summer Camp Application. To be eligible for financial assistance, it is required that you complete the entire application and submit the required documentation listed below. Camperships are limited to Summer Camp Only. Camp Idlewild will be fundraising throughout the year so that we will be able to assist as many families as possible. Camperships will be given on a first-come, first-served basis while funds are available. We offer opportunities for partial financial assistance only. We encourage families to reach out to their community and civic groups for possible Campership opportunities.

Campership Sliding Scale for Camp Idlewild of Florida*

Family Income 1 Dependent       2 Dependents     3+ Dependents    
Less than 20K yearly         15%         20%          25%
20-39K / yearly         10%         15%          20%
40- 50K / yearly         none        none          15%

20% of total camper tuition (i.e., Overnight Camp would be reduced from $850 / $680 per week and Day Camp $700 / $560)

25% of total camper tuition (i.e., Overnight Camp would be reduced from $850 to $637.50/ per week and Day Camp $700 / $525.00)

*Scholarships are NOT AVAILABLE for Weekend Camps.

Campership Application Requirements

Our Executive Team collects the following items for each Campership request and supporting documentation.

  1. The first page of the latest tax return
  2. Number of dependents
  3. Extenuating circumstances explanation for any applicant who may not meet requirements (on paper) and would still like to be considered for a Campership or discount (required only for those who do not automatically meet requirements).

Camperships are awarded according to the sliding scale above. Please note a family is only eligible for (1) partial Campership (only one camper) each year so that we may assist as many families as possible. For families with multiple kids, we do offer a sibling discount of $50 per session for second or third campers. Please note that only one discount per family will be granted for each session (for example you may choose a Campership or Sibling Discount but not both). Our staff is happy to assist you with applications or answer questions. Please contact the camp office for assistance at (813)996-1226. Notifications regarding the Campership awards will be made via email.