Camp Activities

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“Explore” the earth’s natural beauty in the wilderness

“Interact” with living creatures

“Experience” the universe through Astronomy


“Team up” to play a game of kickball

“Throw” the Frisbee in Frisbee golf and other games

“Volley” the ball over the net in volley ball

“Shoot” for the goal on the soccer field

“Enjoy” non-competitive organized games

The Arts

“Draw” using different styles and mediums

“Create” works of art with clay

“Tie-Dye” clothing and other camp items

“Paint” a masterpiece using various styles

“Construct” craft projects out of unique and fun items

“Photograph” your experiences and create a digital memory book

“Perform” musical or theatrical talents 


“Swim” and play water sports

“Fish” for Bream and Bass in the lake

“Relax” in a lounge chair by the water

“Paddle” around in canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats